Coronavirus Preventive Measures Update (16th March 2020)

We would like to reassure all patients that we continue to review and develop our strategies in response to the COVID-19 situation. As a provider of primary healthcare service, our priorities continue to be:

  1. Patient safety
  2. Staff Safety
  3. Continuation of Care

As part of our planning we are taking steps to further minimise risk of exposure by dividing the practice into 2 individual treatment centres with separate reception, waiting, restrooms, surgeries and sterilisation suites. These will be manned by separate teams of reception, nurses, and clinicians whilst we are in the Delay Phase of government strategy.

The goal of this exercise is to reduce risk of transmission by minimising staff and patients intermingling and encourage “social distancing” in waiting and communal areas. In the event of any staff member developing symptoms they can be isolated promptly, and business continuity continued in the unaffected part of the practice whilst we manage and assign teams.

We continue to monitor NHS guidance and developments daily to be able to pro-actively react to any situation. Our routine cross infection control and decontamination policy is of the highest standard and we also encourage any patients who develop symptoms of concern to contact us before their appointment to enable risk assessment, advice and possibly re-appointment if indicated.

We are aware that prompt dental care is very important to general health and to avoid deterioration in dental conditions. We encourage all healthy patients to continue with their appointments as routine, reassured in the knowledge that we treat patient and staff safety as our highest concern.

For the next few weeks, Treatment Centre 1 will be the signposted NHS treatment side and Treatment Centre 2 will be the new Private/Referral side of the practice. Patients should enter the building via the appropriate side and will be directed from there.

Treatment Centre 1 Clinicians (NHS Treatment side)

  • Adam
  • Nicola
  • Jack
  • Danielle
  • Jen
  • Demelza
  • Lex

Treatment Centre 2 Clinicians (Private/Referral side)

  • Fin
  • Neil
  • Natalie
  • Ali
  • Dai

We appreciate that there will be teething problems initially but appreciate your patience and understanding.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their understanding during this unprecedented situation and encourage everyone to look out for each other and listen to official sources of information and advice only.

Yours sincerely

Fin Bason