Are you having Facial Aesthetic treatments in a safe environment?

Facial aesthetics is growing in popularity and there is no question as to why! But please consider the environment in which you’re having your treatment performed, having facial aesthetics within the comfort of your own home may seem appealing, especially with the low price tags that go with it, but is this safe?!

You may be lucky and not have any problems but for many there has been reports of complications where ‘under qualified practitioners’ performing the treatment resulting in significant bruising, permanent scarring and facial asymmetry with no further follow up appointments.

We understand the logic of wanting treatment at home, for some it may be because you want to be discreet. Here at Dermaworks, we are fortunate enough to be able to treat our facial aesthetic patients in a quiet area of the practice and should you wish to leave unnoticed, we have alternative exits available.

Facial aesthetic treatments should always be performed in a safe and clinical environment with a trained professional. Our advice –  If you are interested in facial aesthetics, come see us for a consultation,where you know you are in safe hands and a safe environment!