Are you getting Facial Aesthetic treatments in a safe environment?

Everybody loves a party right? What about one with needles and medicine? These types of parties are becoming more popular where everyone meeting at a friend’s house & receiving the treatment whilst sipping away on a glass of wine, this may seem appealing to many with the low price tags & the comfort of not having to step out the front door, but is this safe?

You may be lucky and not having any problems but for many there has been reports of these such parties going wrong which have seen ‘cowboy practitioners’ perform the treatment resulting in significant bruising, permanent scarring and facial asymmetry with no further follow up appointments.

Facial aesthetic treatments should always be performed in a safe and clinical environment with a trained professional. Our advice – Save your parties and drinking games for the weekend and if interested in facial aesthetics come see us for a consultation where you know you are in safe hands and a safe environment as shown in the pictures of our practice below;