We like to show off when our patients are pleased with our services. Many people review us on Social Media but occasionally we get reviews via email or good old fashioned letters. Find out what people have to say about us…

Having come to the area on holiday for the week the last thing I expected was to have a problem with my teeth.

However that’s what happened so having contacted yourselves I was extremely grateful you were able to see me.

I know diagnosing the problem was not easy as I have seen two dentists locally and both said the problem was sensitivity.

I am pleased to tell you that you seem to have got to the true root of the problem (quite literally) and the root canal treatment you did was exactly what was required. Less than 24 hours on and I can comfortably eat with both sides of my mouth and the sensitivity has gone completely.

Thanks to everyone at the practice the service was second to none.

John Pierson