Acne & Blemishes in Adulthood?

Touching your face! 

Every time you touch your face you are essentially putting dirt and bacteria on it. Hopefully you’re washing your face every evening but not getting it dirty in the first place will help.


Stress doesn’t just affect acne flare-ups. In general, it worsens the overall skin condition. At those times in your life a steroid called cortisol goes into overdrive which causes your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, making the skin extra oily.

Too much dairy

If you consume more dairy than your body can tolerate it will try to get rid of it, as your skin acts as a excretory system cystic breakouts will occur, generally on the lower face (Jawline & Chin).

Not sticking to a good cleansing routine

If you do not wash your face morning & evening what do you expect! All the oil, dirt and debris that builds up on your skin, especially during the day will not be removed which will certainly trigger new blemishes.

Weather changes

Here in Cornwall we don’t know what the weather will bring from one day to the next, which leaves our skin playing a guessing game leading to unbalanced skin. Unbalanced skin = blemishes.

Facial scrubs

Just be careful with facial scrubs, if you rub too hard you can actually increase the chances of a breakout, this occurs because pathways are created in to the pores which clogging moisturisers can enter and block.


Chemical messengers created by our bodies to regulate everything, but when these are off balance they can trigger many of things, one of which – adult acne and breakouts.

New skin care products

When switching to a new skin cream or cleansing product you might experience some initial blemishes appearing, however after 4-6 weeks this should resolve if the product is suitable for your skin type.