Medical Based Skincare

Medical Based Skincare






Here at Dermaworks we can provide you with a personalised skin care regime & advise you on which of our award winning Medik8 products would be best for you.

We also use Tebiskin products designed to help healing after surgery ,burns & cosmetic procedures.

Tebiskin products are well recognised by both the Acne & Rosacea Association(ARAUK) & will be part of our treatment plans when taking referral s from them.

Below are just a few examples of treatments we offer related to skin care;

  • Treatment of acne & acne scarring – we have several methods of improving acne ranging from medical grade skin creams to Salicylic peels, we’ll decide with our clients a treatment plan that’s suitable.
  • Treatment of problematic skin types – Rosacea, Pigmentation, Sun damage, Skin ageing, Dryness & Blemishes