Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

As you get older collagen breaks down in your face and it can become flat and saggy. Fillers simply replace the collagen you lose through ageing, raising flatter areas and restoring your youthful look. They can also be used to enhance your existing facial features.

Results can last between 6-12 months. No one will guess you have had a filler treatment but you will feel more refreshed, confident and glamorous.

Lip Augmentation/Volumizing – From £270

The mouth is a symbol of youth, attraction and sensuality. It should be well formed, and the lips clearly defined and plump. More than just a simple tool for communication, it is a symbol of beauty and sensuality. Aesthetic surgery can prolong your mouth’s youthfulness.

There are many variations of desired lip shapes and volumes as shown below. Which would you like?

Cheek Contouring  £280

Is a derma filler based treatment which helps define the cheek and cheekbone area, creating the illusion of light and shade that is so desired at the moment. It can be a nice introduction to dermal fillers.

Cheek Volumisation  £440

Cheek volumisation is a procedure which can add volume to the mid face and cheek area. As we age we lose fat from our face which can lead to checks looking flat and adding to the lower face lines and jowls.

Adding hyaluronic acid fillers to different areas of the cheek is a beautiful way to rejuvenate and restore. Again, there is very little discomfort and downtime with this treatment.


Jaw Contouring from £430

Jaw Contouring is a treatment using hyaluronic acid fillers to sculpt and define the jawline. This can be subtle or more noticeable and can really create the look of a slimmer appearance.

Jaw contouring is often combined with masseter reduction which can further slim the face when done correctly but can also include chin and/or cheek enhancement to really sculpt and define your profile.

Tear Troughs: £400

A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eye lid and upper check.

The aim of tear trough filler is to reduce the depth of the tear trough making the skin look fuller and tighter. As the hollowing under the eye is decreased the dark appearance can often be significantly improved.

Tear trough filler is an excellent non surgical method of facial rejuvenation.