Implant Case

Implants by Finley Bason GDC 73315

‘When this lady initially came to me she had a full upper acrylic denture and was looking to improve her function ,aesthetics and to reduce her palatal coverage , as well as looking at the long term options for the lower arch.’

Treatment :  failing lower teeth were removed and immediate denture made , placement of 4 implants and a full arch fixed bridge was fitted as well as new lower chrome was made along side implant bridge.

“Since completing my treatment with Fin, my confidence has improved significantly. I can smile, laugh and talk with ease, with no fear of my denture dropping out of place.

I now have no problem at all with eating apples and nuts.

I would highly recommend Finley and his team to family, friends and anyone else interested in this type of treatment, not only for their professionalism, but also for their support throughout the process.”