Back to school offer – 20% off sports guards

Back to School Offer

20% off sports guards

Mouth guards, gum shields, sports guards, they have lots of names but all aim to protect the wearer’s teeth, gums and mouth from harm. There are lots of mouth guards available, the cheapest of which are the boil and bite ones that can be bought in sports shops or chemists. The cheap boil and bite mouth guards tend to be poor fitting and inhibit the wearer’s ability to talk clearly.


It is important for ANY sports person undertaking any level of contact sport that requires a mouth guard to get a custom-made mouth guard from a dentist to protect the risk of a dental injury that could cause long term problems and require costly treatment years down the line.


We particularly recommend a sports guard for anyone taking part in:

  • Rugby
  • Boxing/ Martial Arts
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Horse Riding

Offer valid until 28th September 2018